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Student of the Month Anna Lehr, May 2019

4 months ago

To Mr. Fluckiger, Mr. Makelky, and to the Board of Trustees:

It is my pleasure to nominate Anna Lehr as the Pinedale Middle School student of the month. I have nominated Anna due to her demonstration of our school’s core values, including this month’s focus—determination.  Anna has been a student in my language arts classroom for nearly two school years, yet she continues to impress me with her positivity, work ethic, and academic achievement.

Anna is a student who continually seeks feedback in order to learn a skill or concept. She does a tremendous job of accepting this feedback and constructively using it to her benefit. Even when a concept presents her with difficulties, she never becomes discouraged in this process. It is evident that she is determined to learn in all scenarios so that she may improve as a student. Anna Lehr is truly a model student for Pinedale Middle School, and she sets a great example for her peers to follow!


Clayton Cundall

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Pinedale Middle School