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Student of the Month Kyler Gaston, May 2018

11 months ago

It is with great pleasure that I get to nominate Kyler Gaston for student of the month here at Pinedale Middle School in connection to the month of May’s theme of “growth mindset.” In my opinion, there is no better model student when it comes to  demonstrating a growth mindset than Kyler. I have had the privilege of watching Kyler learn in my math classroom this year. It has been fun to watch Kyler learn from mistakes he has made in the past. At the beginning of the school year, Kyler would frequently forget to turn in assignments. Now he writes down assignments in a planner so he does not forget to turn them in. For a sixth grade student, this is a tremendous achievement. It is also a perfect example of having a growth mindset.

Another thing I admire about Kyler is how he is willing to seek out help from his peers. Kyler never quits when he does not quite understand a concept in class. He begins asking questions until he fully understands the concept. It is awesome to see Kyler’s mentality of  “I do not understand this YET, but I will.” It is this mentality, along with Kyler’s witty personality and his contagious smile, that are sure to brighten up any classroom.

To conclude this letter of praise for Kyler I would like to say thank you for being such a tremendous role model to our school. Although he may not realize it right now, Kyler is making a tremendous impact on our student body. I would also like to thank Kyler’s parents for raising such a fantastic young man!


Brady Schaefer