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Student of the Month January 2020

17 days ago

Sublette County School District #1 Board of Trustees,

It is our pleasure to notify you that Orion Greenhalgh has been selected for Pinedale Middle School’s Student of the Month for January.  Orion’s selection is based on his demonstration of the growth mindset skill Ability to Learn from Feedback.

Orion has exemplified the ability to learn from feedback since starting in our building this fall as a 6th grader.  The transition was not easy for him, and he initially struggled with his grades, his schedule, and systems that are part of the middle school experience.  

His strong desire to be successful in school allowed him to take feedback from his teachers, as well as his father, and he has not looked back since.  He finished the first semester of 6th grade with a 3.75 gpa, has improved his skills in reading and math, and only has one unexcused tardy so far this year.


Eric Makelky

Natalie Wise