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Student of the Month Hailey Liske, October 2019

4 days ago

Dear Mr. Makelky and School Board Members

We nominate Haily Liske for October Student of the Month.  Our focus this month is Confidence in Ability to Learn. We feel that Hailey is a great example of this. 

We work with Hailey in many different settings and  she is always asking questions. listening and learning.. She has perfect attendance so far this year and did not miss even one day last year.

First, Hailey has started advocating for herself.  She is very shy and quiet so this was challenging. She seeks out people she trusts to figure out the questions that she has and is always open to feedback.  She has started emailing teachers. Hailey impresses us with the way she handles setbacks. She fixes them, learns from them, and moves on.  

Additionally, this fall she played volleyball and was able to balance it all.  She ‘didn’t have one late or missing assignments. She never missed a practice or needed to go to practice late to catch up.  She continued to get good grades on all her assignments and tests.

Finally, she also puts in so much extra time at home to help in her learning..  She has tremendous work effort that will help her in every part of her life. 



Mrs. Hunt

Ms. Illoway