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Student of the Month

10 months ago

Student of the Month Alena Mika June 2017

I am honored to nominate Alena Mika for Pinedale Middle School Student of the Month.  This month’s focus is FAIRNESS and Alena consistently exemplifies fairness in her actions.  I have observed Alena both in and out of the classroom and she continues to impress me with her respect and fairness for teachers, peers, and herself.

I have witnessed numerous incidences of Alena demonstrating her strong work ethic and a desire to have fairness for all students.   As a teacher, I have often appreciated Alena’s maturity and dedication. If she notices an unfairness she will speak up and try to correct the situation with positive suggestions and influence. She has garnered the respect of her peers, and I have seen her be successful numerous times as she intervenes on the behalf of others.

Alena shows respect and fairness to her peers by listening to them, validating their viewpoints, and offering her opinions in a manner that is both constructive and positive. She often is the “quiet leader” and collaborates very well with others. She is determined to treat others fairly and respectfully.

I am grateful to have Alena in our school. She is an outstanding individual of exemplary character.  With her wonderful attitude and dedication to always do her personal best, I am certain that she will succeed in all of her future endeavors.  


Cheryl Travis

Pinedale Middle School Technology Teacher

Student of the Month Roger Moss May 2017

It is my honor to recommend Roger Moss for Pinedale Middle School’s Student of the Month.  The character focus this month is caring.  Caring reflects attributes such as kindness, courtesy, and empathy.  

Roger is a sensitive student who is very aware of bullying and its effects on others, as well as himself.  He looks out for other students and tries to be proactive in confronting difficulty. Roger is thoughtful and empathetic in his dealings with students, teachers and support staff.  He is a deep thinker and does not hesitate to reflect and share those conscientious thoughts with others.

It is a pleasure to nominate Roger for this award; he is a fine model of  caring in our school and community.


Natalie  Wise

Special Education

Student of the Month Grant Fornstrom April 2017

It is a pleasure and honor to nominate Grant Fornstrom for student of the month. As I have worked with Grant this year, I've been impressed with how hard he works and with his dedication to succeed in school. Grant exemplifies trustworthiness, which is the focus this month.

In his everyday life, Grant is a very hard working student; he can be trusted to follow directions and do his best in class. There have been several times others in the class are being distracting, but Grant doesn't let it get to him, he continues working hard because he knows it's the right thing to do.

Grant is a strong candidate for this award; he is a very trustworthy individual who makes those around him feel comfortable and happy. He is a remarkable person and I am confident in my decision to nominate this amazing young man for student of the month.

Warmest Regards,

Kristen Flint

PMS Teacher

I nominate Maddox Gehlhausen as the March student of the month for Respect.  Maddox is a pleasure to have as a student.  Every day she earns my respect in the classroom.  She loves learning and comes to class each day with a smile on her face;  she is a serious, respectful person to her fellow classmates and teachers; she appropriately asks questions and actively listens to the responses.   I respect her drive and resilience.  If she stumbles, she does not fall.  

Ms. Emily Lucas

Language Arts

Maddox Gehlhausen portrait

Student of the Month Bryton Nelson February, 2017

Mr. Fluckiger and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson,

It is my pleasure to recommend Bryton as Student of the Month, representing the quality of respect. Bryton is a very courteous young man and is respectful of his classmates and the building teachers and staff. In fact, I had just written a note to you on his reading goal form about his manners and courtesy when the call for nominations for respectful students came. I knew immediately that I would recommend your son for this recognition.

Bryton Nelson
Bryton typically greets me as he enters the room. He is agreeable and cheerful with his classmates. I also notice that he is kind and agreeable with his peers. He encourages his classmates and never makes disparaging remarks to them, even when the rest of the class wants to snicker. One thing I particularly appreciate about your son is that he nods along with me as I explain things, behaving as if language arts is the best thing he has heard all day. He is polite and engaged in the lesson no matter what the situation. His positive, respectful attitude is contagious and is a good role model for other students.

I am thankful to have Bryton in my class and I hope that next year I am blessed with him again. Thank you again for sending me such a wonderful student!

Warm regards,

Jolie Dorrell

Student of the Month Cindy Hernandez January 2017

It is my honor to recommend Cindy Hernandez for Pinedale Middle School’s Student of the Month.

The character focus this month is on fairness.  Fairness reflects attributes such as moderation, courtesy, and honesty.  Cindy exhibits fairness in working with her peers as well as with her teachers and support staff.  Cindy is respectful and modest, yet  she has a very clear sense of integrity. She can be counted on to be straightforward and principled when engaged with others. 

Cindy Hernandez
It is a pleasure to nominate Cindy for this award; she is a fine model of fairness in our school and community.


Natalie  Wise

Special Education Resource

Pinedale Middle School