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  • Statement of Nondiscrimination
    Applicants for admission and employment, students, parents, persons with disabilities, employees, and professional organizations holding professional agreements with Sublette County School District #1 are hereby notified that this district does not discriminate on the basis of Age, Color, Disability, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race, Religion, Sex, or Sexual Orientation in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.
    Los solicitantes para la inscripción y el empleo, los estudiantes, los padres, las personas con discapacidad, los empleados y las organizaciones profesionales en acuerdos profesionales con el distrito escolar del condado de Sublette # 1 se le notifica que este distrito no discrimina en base a la Edad, Color, Discapacidad, Origen Nacional, Embarazo, Raza, Religión, Sexo, u Orientación Sexual en la admisión o acceso a, o tratamiento o empleo en, sus programas y actividades.
Pinedale Middle School
Mission Statement
Create a safe and supportive community, in which its individual students will succeed academically, socially and emotionally.


16 days ago

Respect Yourself
  • Care for personal property
  • Use your passing time wisely
Respect Others
  • Safe hands and feet
  • Allow for personal space
  • Follow all staff directions the first time
Respect our School
  • Use indoor voice
  • Walk on the right side of the hallway
  • Care for school property
  • Clean up after yourself
Respect Yourself
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Follow game rules
Respect Others
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Use respectful words to peers and staff
Respect our School
  • Stay within playground boundaries
  • Coats only outside
Respect Yourself
  • Wash hands with soap and dry them off
  • Use the closest bathroom possible
Respect Others
  • Give others privacy
  • Clean up your mess so others don't have to
Respect our School
  • Report damages and accidents
  • Leave restroom clean

Bell Schedules

9 months ago


Warning Bell      7:41

Base Camp         7:45- 7:55 (Assembly on Mondays instead of Base Camp)

1st Period           7:58-8:41

2nd Period         8:44-9:27

3rd Period          9:30-10:13

4th Period          10:16-10:58

5th Period          11:01-11:44 (6th grade 11:01-11:24. 7th/8th grade 11:01-11:44)

6th Period          11:44-12:27 (7th/8th grade lunch 11:44-12:07. 6th grade Music/AS 11:27-12:07)

7th Period          11:57-12:52 (6th grade lunch 12:07:-12:27. 7th/8th grade Music/AS/Fit 12:10-12:52)

8th Period          12:30-1:37 (6th grade 12:31-1:37. 7th/8th grade 12:55-1:37)

9th Period          1:40-2:22

10th Period        2:25-3:07 


Warning Bell      7:41

No Base Camp on Fridays

1st Period             7:45-8:17

2nd Period           8:20-8:52

3rd Period            8:55-9:27

4th Period            9:30-10:02

5th Period            10:05-10:37

8th Period            10:40-11:12

6th/7th Periods   11:12-12:20

(6th grade AS/Music 11:15-11:47, Lunch 11:47-12:20. 7th/8th grade Lunch 11:12-11:43, AS/Music/Fit 11:48-12:20)

9th Period             12:23-12:55

10th Period           12:58-1:30

SCSD 1 Community Coffees Will Continue in September (Enjoy the Summer Break!)
Join SCSD 1 School Board Chairman Jamison Ziegler and Superintendent Jay Harnack for coffee, hot chocolate and rolls. The Community Coffee is a great way to meet and get information from key administrators and Board of Education members on issues that impact SCSD 1. Attendees “set” the agenda with their questions. Community members may ask about and discuss any appropriate subject, as time allows. Everyone welcome!

Where: SCSD 1 Board Room – 665 N. Tyler
When: May 4, 2018 at 9:30 AM